Saturday, 22 March 2014

How to recover your Facebook password


Facebook is a social network through which you can connect with your friends across the world wide and you can also share your information, videos and images with your friends. This social network was created in the 2000 by the Mark Zuckerberg and his team and become popular in the year 2005 and after that it becomes one of the popular apps of the smartphone. Now you can also enjoy the free calling on the android smartphone through the Facebook messenger without any cost except your data will charges per call. So if you want to use Facebook the firstly you have to create account and after that you can access this social site and stay connected with your school, colleges and office friends.

How to recover password

To login or want to access the Facebook then you have firstly create account in which you can enter either your email or mobile number, you can also connect your Gmail email with your Facebook account and enter new or same password because it is easy to remember. You can also enter the new password and you can also change the password from the setting. Most of the times, we have seen that peoples are asking on the net, that how to recover the password and previous password which I have enter, I do not remember. So for the new users it is a difficult task to recover password but if you are using Facebook from a long time or you are a lovers of net surfing then know lots of tricks. Here we are discussing one of the methods to recover your password and enter your new password which you can remember easily.

Step by step guidelines

First of all if you forgot your password then visit the sign up or login page where you enter the email and password.

There you will see the option right below the password column ‘Forgot Password’ clicks on it.
Now you will see that it will ask you to enter few information like either you have to enter your Facebook’s name, your email, your mobile number which you have enter in your timeline, also ask your date of birth and other information like your nick name, hometown etc.
Remember you have to choose either your email or mobile number to get the access code which will be sent by the Facebook when you press the next button after filling the right option.
Enter the code which you have just got in the blank option and press enter key.
Now in the next page you can enter new password and access the Facebook easily.
If you found any problem then you can ask anything regarding it.



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