Monday, 24 March 2014

How to root and flash custom ROMs on any Xolo smartphone


Rooting can be a great fun if you know how to use it (in proper sense). It unlocks the doors to hidden treasure which is usually hided from normal users. Rooting let you customize your smartphone according to personal needs. Some user will love to use latest ROMs on their smartphones while some users will be interested in making it a better device (in terms of file handling, clocking etc). All this can be easily done with help of a process called rooting.

Let me explain somewhat dipper about what rooting actually means. Rooting is a name that is given to the process which is used to unblock the boot loader of any device (electronic device). Boot loader is a program that loads your OS during booting and also withholds some commands to neglect unwanted changes to the main system (can be considered as the security cover that is given by company). Till the time your boot loader is active (official one), you are not allowed to make custom changes in your smartphone. In order to make custom level changes, you need to modify it. This modification can be referred as rooting. But please note that unblocking your boot loader will affect your device’s warranty in a bad manner and it will void it completely.

Here I am going to discuss a common tutorial that can be used for rooting almost all the Xolo smartphones. After rooting your Xolo smartphone you can even use latest ROMs like Android 4.3 Jellybean or 4.4 KitKat inside your Xolo smartphone (provided it must be there in market). This tutorial is compatible with following smartphones:

• Xolo Q500
• A500s
• S500s IPS
• A500L
• Xolo Q3000
• Q700i
• Q700
• Q1000
• Xolo Opus Q1000
• Q1100
• Q2000
• Q700s
• Q800
• X910
• Q600
• Q1000S
• A600
• A500
• A900
• A700
• Xolo X1000
• A1000
• X900
• Xolo Play T1000
• A800
• X500
• Lots more

So you might have get an idea that this common tutorial can be used with most of the Xolo smartphones. I will keep adding more names in near future too.

How to root Xolo smartphones

It can be done with the help of a simple 3-4 steps tutorial. You can get all the instructions from here. This link contains all the tools, steps/instructions that will help you root your Xolo smartphone successfully.

Please let us know if this tutorial is not working with your Xolo smartphone. In that case we will try to come up with some alternative. Once you root your smartphone, please download Root Checker App from Play Store and check the rooting status.


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  1. can u say me where can i find kit kat rom for xolo A500l...