Monday, 31 March 2014

How to root your Motorola smartphones


In the world of smartphones, Motorola have also launched some best smartphones in the market with latest features and the specifications. Recently they have launched Moto G and after that they have launched the Moto G in the markets. Moto G is one of the best ever smartphone launched by the Motorola under the price range of RS 15K. But here we discussing about the rooting procedures, how to your Motorola smartphone. With rooting your smartphone supports extra features which are not compatible before rooting with your handset. Some of the apps and games need rooting before installation.

Things to know

So whenever you want to root your smartphones then always remember these points which will help in the rooting process. If you have heard the word rooting first time in your life or you are not much familiar with it then do not root your device because one wrong step will bricks your smartphone. So whenever you want to root your smartphone then read some tutorial or watch video on YouTube regarding it and after that on own risk, you can perform rooting in you handset. But before rooting you must know these points:

Battery level of the handset must be more than 80% or firstly fully charge your handset.

You must have to close all the running apps from the screen.

Back up or store your all necessary data including contacts, message etc. to the external SD card because after rooting all your data will be erased. So before you perform rooting operation on your smartphone charge your smartphone.


During the rooting process you will need following things:

One computer
Smartphone (with micro USB cable)
Device driver

How to root

First and the basic steps before rooting is that you have to download the APK files according to your smartphone, when you are downloading this file then don’t forget to enter your handset model number. You can download APK files from the developer page such

Connect your smartphone with the help of micro USB cable to the computer in which you have download the APK files.

Now install the device driver in the computer.

After that place the APK files in to the internal storage of the handset and when you have stored the APK file then minimize the screen of the PC and open the quick setting on the smartphone.

In the setting option click on the personal and you will see unknown sources in the Device Administration.

After that minimize it and open the play store and download the ES File Explorer, it will take few times depending upon your internet connection.

Once you have download the explorer than open the APK file which you have store in the internal storage of the device.

When you open it will automatically start rooting and during the rooting process your smartphone may reboot several times and once it is completed search for the Super User SU.


Hope you have successfully rooted your Motorola smartphone. If any hard will done to your smartphone then we are not responsible for it. So before rooting your device please know more about the rooting process.



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