Saturday, 1 March 2014

How to run Android apps in Windows OS smartphones


In the recent few years almost most of the smartphones comes with Android and Windows operating system. Here we have to mix two operating system Widows and Android. Most of the time people think that why they can’t use android application in the windows smartphone or in the laptop or PC and vice versa. So here we are discussing some of the few way to use android apps in the windows OS and vice versa.

The date or apps can be transferred from android smartphone to the windows by different ways like synchronizing in the cloud or by Bluetooth or USB, but what is the use of transferring file when we can’t use them in another Operating System.

Running windows apps in Android OS

If you want to use windows application in the android OS based smartphones than you have to read these instructions. First of all you have to download the MRD (Microsoft Remote Desktop) app from the Google play store, which is easily available in the play store and you have to install this app in your android smartphone. Once you have installed the application than connect your PC or smartphone which is using windows operating system to the MRS apps through which you can easily use almost every application or software of the windows smartphone in the android smartphones.

But it also some restriction like you can’t install any software in the window while PC is running certain edition of windows like Windows 8, than you need Enterprise or Pro. Another disadvantage is that when you are far away from the home than your Home PC which is connected with the smartphone must be switched on otherwise it will not work, this will increase the electricity bill and performance of the system.

Second way to use windows apps in the android OS is very simple. You have to sign in to the once you sign in than upload any application, software and documents which you want to access in the android operating system. Than in the android tablet download the onlive desktop application from the play store and install this app in your system. Now when you run this app than your PC or system which is using windows OS will appear on the android based tablet and all the applications, software and other documents will run in the same manner as in the PC.

The main drawback of this method is that this app is only compatible for android based tablet not for the smartphone.

Running Android apps in Windows based OS

Nowadays most of the tablet and smartphones are based on the android operating system which comes with vast number of applications. So someone using windows OS, than they have to difficulty to use these apps in their handset, by using some of the method they can use these apps in the windows OS.

Firstly you have to download the bluestacks app player from the on the windows smartphone or PC. The installation process is very simple but you have to upgrade your graphics card and you must have to sign in with your Google account after that you can run all the android application on the windows OS.



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