Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How to share/send apps between two smartphones


In the android smartphone there are so many apps are present in the play store, which you can download and install easily. But most of the times you have install aps in your device directly from the play and these will automatically installed. So if you want to share or send these apps to your friend then you have to install my apps share app from the play store. You cannot send or share apps or APK files directly with another smartphones. Here we are discussing some of the apps through which you can easily share or send the link of apps or the APK files.

Sharing Apps for android

In the android play store there are so many APK files sharing apps are available, you can easily download and installed these apps. Below we are describing some of the best apps:

Share My App
It is one of the best sharing apps for the android smartphone. It is almost compatible with above gingerbread operating system. When you installed this app then you can share or send either link of the apps or the APK files which you have download from the play store. You can share or send the apps through the messenger, WhatsApp, Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Google+, Hangouts, hike, Skype etc. to your friends only you have to choose any of the following one medium for the sharing purposes. And in the second phone link will be appear and you can download by clicking on it simply.

App Share and Backup
It is also one of the best apps for the sharing with extra features like back up option. You can also share or send your apps with your friends through the Facebook, WhatsApp, Bluetooth, Gmail, and Email etc. Instead of sharing apps you can also backup your deleted apps and recover back and the recover files can be stored in the external SD card or internal SD card. In most of the cases when you recover the apps then you have to root your device to install the recover apps but in this you doesn’t need rooting of the device.

App Share+
This is also another app for the sharing the links and APK files of the apps. You can share or send the apps through Bluetooth, Gmail, Email or messenger etc. It works likes almost similar to the above mention apps.

How to share Apps

Once you have installed the apps then you can share the apps by following these steps:

Firstly open the app icon and you have to select either Link or APK option for the sharing purposes.
After that click on the app which you want to share and select the following medium like Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Messenger etc. and lick on it.
Whom you have sent the app only has to do just download the link and can access the apps.



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