Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How to speed up your Google Chrome Browser


Google chrome is one of the best internet browsers which are compatible with all operating system. But when you use this browser for long time then you encounter so many problems which will slow down the speed of internet. Most of the times, I have faces problem with this browser and slow down the speed of the browser. If you encounter such a problem occasionally then it’s OK, but you faces such a problem then you can speed up your browser by following these simple tips.

Disable/Delete unwanted extensions

Chrome browser has so many extension which you can install or download and makes your browser more advances. You can download like Facebook extensions, cutting tools and other photo editor’s extension. So when you download and install large number of extensions then Chrome cache will be full and which will slow down the speed of the browser. When you have enable large of extension on this browser and when you are surfing internet and suddenly you faces that chrome will stop working or page will not be reloaded. You can speed up your browser either disable or delete chrome extensions. You can easily delete extension by following these steps:

Click on the setting icon on the right side of the screen and select Tool>> extension option. In the next page you will see the complete list extension which you have install and click on either Disable or Delete. If you disable then you can enable later when you want to access it.

Disable Plugins

Plugins are necessary to run any software. When we download and install chrome in the system then plugins are automatically installed and get activated. Most of the plugins are necessary to run the chrome or any software smoothly. But when unnecessary plugins are installed then it will slow down the speed of the browser. So you must have disabled the unnecessary plugins from the browser. You can only disable these plugins because you cannot delete these plugins.

These plugins can be disable as: type “about:plugins” in the address bar and all the plugins will be displayed in the next page, from the complete list you can disable the unnecessary plugins.

Clear Cache of browser

Cache memory store the information or URL of the pages which you have last visited and when cache will store large data then it will automatically slow down the speed of the browser. You can easily clear the cache by following these simple steps:

Click on the customize and control button right side on the top of the screen and select tools and click on the clear browsing data option. After that you have select time range for clearing browsing data. And press clear browsing data option and wait for few seconds. Now you will see speed of the browser will become normal.

Customize and control>> Tools >> Clear browsing data >> past hour >> last beginning of time >> clear browsing data.



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