Sunday, 30 March 2014

How to take screenshots in PC/Laptop


You have seen in the smartphones you can capture the images, text, videos and other pages which you want to capture by using special tricks. Most of time you press volume up key and lock key simultaneously to take the screen shots or in some smartphones you also uses home button and lock key simultaneously, apart from it there are so many tricks for capturing the screenshots in the smartphones. You can search tricks for capturing screen shots in any smartphones in the site by entering either name or model number of the handset in which you want to take screen shots. But here we are discussing different methods to take screen shots in the PCs and Laptops.

Snipping Tool

In the PCs or Laptops you have seen snipping tool option in the start menu; have you ever uses this features in your PC? With the help of this tool you can capture the complete screen or the selected portion of the screen which you want to capture or want to take screen shots. You can capture anything with tool on your PC or Laptop such as you can take screen shots of your Facebook profile, other social sites information and also take the screen shots of the videos, but firstly you have to pause the video.

So if you want take screen shots with the help of snipping tool, then firstly you have to open the page whose you have to take screen shots and after that click on the start menu and enter in the search box Snipping Tool and click on it.

Now you can select different snipping form such as ‘free snip form, rectangular snip, window snip and full screen snip’ and select the portion on the screen which you have to capture.

Now press CTRL+S key to save it and provide storage location where you want to save it and that’s all.

Use ‘PrintScr’

Apart from snipping tool you can also take screen shots in the laptop or PC with the help of ‘PrintScr’ key. Whenever you want to take screen shots in the PC then you can select the page which you have capture and simply press the PrintScr key on the keyboard.

Now open the paint and paste it by pressing CTRL+V and you can adjust the width and height of the screen shots also you can add your own text to it.

After that press CTRL+S key to save the required page and provide the memory to save it.


So these are two basic methods through which you can capture the screen shots in the PC or Laptops. Hope this will definitely help you, but in case if you found any problem than ask anything regarding it at any time.



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