Thursday, 20 March 2014

How to use Binoculars Zoomer Toll in android smartphone


The main reasons for the popularity of the android smartphone is the large number of application, processing speed and are simple to use. Most of the peoples buy smartphone to enjoy social application and other gaming application and very few peoples uses for the business purposes. Here are almost one million plus applications are present in the android play store which you can easily download and installed in your device without any cost and enjoy the features of the application. Here we are discussing one of the zoom applications and how to operate this app in the android smartphone.

Binoculars Zoomer Tool

Binoculars Zoomer Tool is an android application which is compatible with gingerbread and above version of the android smartphone. As its name suggest that it is the zooms application. You can zoom in or zoom out the picture and views in different styles with this application. When you installed this app then you will see that the icon of this app is almost similar to the double side telescope and feels like you are viewing through the natural telescope with Zoomer button.


It comes with 4x times large Zoomer as compared to the normal view.
The quality of image is not affected so much after the zoom.
It comes with friendly user interface and easy to use this app.

How to operate

First of all download and install this app from the android play store.

After installation process is completed click on the icon.

There you will see the five different options in a column, only you have to click on the ‘Start’ button.

In the next page you will see that Zoomer will be open and now you can zoom in or zoom out the picture.

If you want to zoom in the picture then press the button ‘ZOOM IN’ shown on the right top side.

And if you want to back zoom out the picture then press the button ‘ZOOM OUT’ on the left top corner.

That’s all the simple steps to use this app and if you want to close this app then press back button and close it.

How to download

You can simply download by entering the name of this app ‘Binoculars Zoomer Tool’ in the search option of the play store and install this app by accepting the terms and condition of the android and wait until it is download, after downloading is completed it will automatically installed and you can enjoy this app.



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