Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How to use wireless printing feature in Android KitKat based Smartphone


The advance version of the android known as KitKat also supports the wireless printing features in the smartphones. So if you have purchased any smartphone based on the Android KitKat operating system, then you can enjoy this feature in your smartphone. The installation process is very simple and use of this feature is also not difficult.

What is Wireless Printing?

Wireless Printing means you can print out your documents, image through wirelessly from the Smartphone (only those smartphone which are based upon the Android KitKat operating system) without and connection to the device. This is one of the latest features which are used by the android in latest version as compared to the previous one, no other version of the android operating system supports this features.

How it work?

Wireless printing option can be used in the smartphone by using either Wi-Fi or Cloud Hosted services must be install in the system. You can also use this features by installing some specific apps from the Google play store and install in your smartphone. Some of the cloud hosted services are such as Google Cloud Print etc.

So these are some of the apps and services by using them you can enjoy the wireless printing service in your smartphone.

Things to know before using Wireless Printing

There are several things which you must know before installing this feature in your system and some of the points are described below in the article:

This feature is only available in the smartphone which are based on the android KitKat or Android v4.4 and above, no other smartphone can support this feature. So before installing or using this feature must ensure your operating system of the smartphone whether it is capable or not.
You can use this feature either by Wi-Fi or through cloud hosted services and some other apps which you can download from the play store.
Also the manufacturing company of the printer must remember some points like they have to develop new API to develop their own print services. Apart from it they have to provide some easy way so that user can easily download some of the specific apps from the play store and they can’t found any difficult while installing or using them.
So these are the some of the points which you must know before using this app. If you are not able to use this apps than you can also search from the official website of the android to know more about how to download, install and how to use this feature in the smartphone.



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