Monday, 24 March 2014

How to use your android smartphone as Video Converter


Everyone wants to buy nowadays android smartphone whether they even don’t know actually what is android and what you can do with it. Android is basically open source operating system in which millions of free as well paid version of the application are available which you can easily runs on your small smartphone with no difficulty. You have seen when you buy then your smartphone have no much apps are available but you can easily download more apps from the android play store and make full use of your smartphone. Here we are discussing how you can use android smartphone as video to audio converter or how to convert high quality videos to 3gp or other formats through the android apps.

Video to MP3 converter apps

There are lots of apps are available in the play store through which you can convert your video to audio or MP3 formats. Simply you have to download and install ‘Video to MP3’ apps from the play store. When you will install this apps then you can easily convert any video to MP3 format or you can also select the starting and ending tine of the video and it will extract only that part of the video. When you have install this apps then perform these simple steps to convert video to audio format:

Open this app and select video from the SD card icon on the top right side of the screen.

Now click on the ‘Extract Audio’ icon and select option ‘Convert to MP3’ and click on the basic version.

Now extraction process will be started and will take few minute which depends upon the format of the video and length of the video.

The extracted video will be stored in the music folder in SD card, now you can listens the audio of the converted video.

Video converters

Most of the android smartphone support high quality movies but in case some movies which are not supported by your device then you can also change the format of the video which is compatible with your device through the video converter apps. There are many video converters apps are available in the android play store, where you can either download free or paid version. Install app in your system and you can change any video to different formats.

Simply open the home page of the video converter app and select the video which you want to change.

Now select the format in which you want to change the current video and press ok.

Now press the convert button and it will takes few minutes depending upon the length and the quality of the video.

Converted video will be automatically saved in the SD card, you can check from the card.



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