Saturday, 29 March 2014

How to use your android smartphone as card reader


Whenever you want to copy data or files from the one memory card to another memory card, most of the times you use either Bluetooth for the file sharing purpose or through the wireless network with the help of Wi-Fi. But when you want to transfer large file such as movies or high quality video files then it takes so many times to transfer it and sometimes your system may be hang up because Bluetooth is one main major problem with the android smartphone. So, you can solve this problem by using your smartphone as card reader through which you can transfer the data with high speed as compared to the Bluetooth.


To do this you simply need one smartphone which have mini USB port and support mini USB to USB converter cable, one OTG cable, one card reader and memory card in to which you want to transfer files or other data.

Smartphone which supports mini USB
OTG Cable (for particular handset from where you want to transfer files)
Card reader and Memory card or SD card

How to transfer

First of all buy the OTG cable for the particular smartphone from where you want to transfer data and files, remember for the different handset separate OTG is available and so when you buy OTG cable from the dealer or from the online store then always mention your handset’s model number.

Now connect one port of the OTG cable in to the handset and on the other port of the cable connect card reader and placed inside the card reader your SD card or memory card.

After few seconds you will see that your external SD card which you have placed in the card reader will be open in the file manager.

Now select the files or folders (which you want to transfer or share with your friends) and copy it.

After that open your SD card in the file manager and open the folder in which you want to copy these files and paste it.

It will takes few seconds which will depends up on the size of files or data which you have transfer.

And when you have transfer the complete data then you can disconnect the OTG cable.


So it is a good way to transfer large files from the smartphone to the memory card or SD card with help of OTG cable and card reader. You can also transfer data by placing the memory card in the SD card slot but most of the smartphone doesn’t support SD card slot and also when you have to open back cover for placing the SD card which will defects your smartphone. So it is good way to transfer data from the smartphone to the SD card.



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