Friday, 21 March 2014

Install online radio apps for android smartphone


Most of the times you have seen that smartphone either support FM Radio option or in some handset this feature is not available. The FM browser which is present in your device is limit to cover the nearby FM channel. But in case you want to listened large number of online FM channel in your smartphone then you have to install the different apps through which you can enjoy the online FM radio. Here we are discussing one of the best online apps for the streaming of FM Radio.

Slacker Radio App

Slacker Radio app is one of the best android apps for the streaming of music and FM Radio in your smartphone. This app is available in the different modes such as free ad supported, Slacker Radio Plus and Slacker radio Premium. In the free version you can only stream the limited songs, in the Slacker Radio plus version you can listen unlimited numbers of songs at the normal rates and in the Premium modes you can also listen songs and albums on the demand with some extra charges as compared to the Plus version. The charge rate can be seen from the official website of the Slacker or from the play store.


It offers so many advance features to the user to enjoy music in the high and better quality. It comes with customizable mixing of songs, play lists, and also you can listens comedy on demand.

It is compatible with Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows operating system, no other OS supports this app.

In this app there are so many stations are available and you can choose any of the following station to listen the music. There are about millions of songs are already present in the library and also add these songs to your favorite play list for the quick access.

In this you can also tune to the latest, most trending songs and tune different stations to listen the music.

It is easy to use and built up with lots of features like you can also add channel to your favorite list to access music every day. You can also know the information regarding the album and lyrics of the songs stored in the library.

You can also connect to it via Facebook, Twitter and other social website.

How to install

First of all download the Slacker Radio app from the play store and installed in your device.
You have to choose the mode for the downloading like free ad version, Slacker Plus or Premium version.
After that you can access this app and enjoy the features.



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