Saturday, 1 March 2014

How to download and install Google Play Store in Nokia X smartphone


Nokia has finally started their journey with Android environment. As the first attempt they have launched three new exclusive Android smartphones on global range. These smartphones were recently unveiled in an International even MWC 2014 few days back. Although these are Android smartphones but still they lacks somewhere which makes them somewhat complex to use. But now no worries as rooting have reached to Nokia X surface which allows its customers to customize it according to individuals need. Here in this article I am going to discuss a tutorial about how you can download and install Google Play Store on your Nokia X smartphone. Sadly no such guide is there for remaining two smartphones i.e. Nokia X+ and XL but I hope they will soon get the flavour of rooting which will eventually port all such customizations to their surface.

Before installing Google Play Store to Nokia X you need to root it first and I think you are well aware about the term rooting (all its pros and cons). If not then let me brief the term rooting a bit. Rooting means unblocking the boot loader of your smartphone which allows you to use port third party apps/games to your smartphone. In usual cases these third party apps are blocked by officials. As you are unblocking the boot loader section, so in return you will have to get your hands away from official warranty. Means rooting will void official warranty on your smartphone (might be a big deal for newbies). Please move further after a careful observation of pros and cons of rooting.

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Install Play Store in Nokia X

Follow these steps:
1. Download the Play Store APK to your computer.
2. Unzip it and move to your smartphone with help of USB cable.
3. Once done, remove the USB cable and open the APK with some file manager.
4. Just perform some onscreen instructions and you are done with it.

IF you have performed all the steps neatly and perfectly then you will see a Play Store icon on your homepage/menu layer (depending upon the potions you have selected during installing). Open it and start using Google Play Store to utmost level. I will soon come up with best apps and games for Nokia X smartphone so stay in tune. In the meantime if you are facing some problem with any of the above step then please don’t hesitate and write to us through comment section.



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