Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Most popular Facebook tips and tricks


Facebook is the most widely used social networks for connecting with peoples and friends across the world wide. Most of the peoples use Facebook for messenger, surfing etc. Here we are talking about the some of the basic tricks which you have never use or heard yet. When you are free or you want to do something new then you can try these new tricks on the Facebook and attract more peoples and friends towards it.

Update Blue Statues

In the status box on the either home page or on your timeline you can update your statues whatever you want or share with your friends. You will see that the colour of the status is always Black but by using this trick you can change the status colour to the blue.

@@[1[0:1: Update your status ]]

Follow this code to update your status in the blue colour by replacing Update your status with anything you want to update on the home page.

Make your profile pic Un-clickable

When you upload any picture as your profile pic or share with your friends than your friends can see that image in the large size by clicking on it. You can make your profile pic un-clickable by using this trick, so that no one can see your pic in the large size.
To make your pic un-clickable, go to your timeline or profile dashboard, navigate to photos and click on the albums and select the profile pic. Now select your profile pic and set its privacy to “Only Me”.

Hide your update from some specific friends

Sometimes you want to updates statues, photos or videos, but you want that this updates will not be seen by the some specific friends. So you can hide your status from some specific friends by changing the privacy setting. Visit the setting the privacy setting and you can select or enter the name of friends for which your updates will be hiding. They can’t see your recent updates.

Post Blank Status

Without using any tricks you can’t update blank status in the Facebook. So if you want to update blank status on your timeline follow this trick:

You have to type in the status box just @[0:0 ] and press the enter key. You can use any number instead of 0 in the code like @[5:5: ].

Stay Offline for specific friends

When you are exploring the Facebook which means you are online and your friends will know that you are active at that time on Facebook. But if you want that during when you are exploring Facebook and your friends will not disturbed you so you can use this trick by staying offline for some specific or all the friends. You have to only click on the option icon on the chat bar and select offline chats or you also go to advance setting for hiding the chat off for some specific friends.

Open un-clickable pic

Most of times peoples have make their profile pic as un-clickable, so you can’t enlarge it. But you can enlarge that image by using this trick:

Right click on the image and open image in the new tab and in the address bar you have to only remove the s160x160/ and press enter, now will see image in the large size.

So these are some of the basic tricks which you can use or check while you are using Facebook.



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