Sunday, 9 March 2014

Nokia X+ VS Motorola Moto G comparison


In the smartphone most of the Nokia handsets are based on the Windows operating system, but X+ is the first smartphone launched by the Nokia in the market which comes with android operating system. In the mobile world Nokia is one of the biggest manufacturers and most of the country uses handset of this brand.

Motorola, which is also very old manufacturer of the mobile but in the last few years they have not yet launched any best smartphone which attracts the peoples towards itself. But this year they planned to launched the one of its best ever smartphone with advance features in the low price. This handset provide almost the similar features which other provides the same features in the price range of above RS 20,000. So it is good challenge to other smartphone by the Moto G.

Features comparison of Moto G VS Nokia X+

The main features of both the handsets are discussed in the image, in which we discussed the operating system, processor, memory, camera and price range of the both the devices. You can also zoom out the image to see on the bigger screen by downloading it.


As in the above image we have short listed the main features but here we discuss in brief. X+ comes with android v4.1.2 OS with dual core Cortes processor. 4 inches IPS LCD touch screen mobile have built in RAM of 768 MB and 4 GB of internal storage which can be expand up to 32 GB. It has only 3.15MP of primary camera with Bluetooth, USB port and WLAN which have Li-Ion 1500mAh battery. It is a dual SIM card phone with price range of under RS 11,000.

But when we talk about the features of the Moto G, which is comes with the advance version of the android v4.3 OS with quad core CPU. 4.5 inches screen is protected with corning gorilla glass with IPS technology. This phone support Bluetooth, USB slot and WLAN for sharing purposes. It has 1 GB of Ram along with 8 or 16 GB of internal storage with no SD card slot. It comes with dual camera and Li-Ion 2070mAh battery with price range of RS 12,500.

Which is better?

But when we have to choose that which one is better than obvious Motorola Moto G will win because in the same price range Moto G comes with advance version which also supports dual camera while X+ have only primary camera. RAM and the internal storage of the G is also more than the Nokia and it comes with strong battery pack up. Motorola mobile is bigger in size and its screen is protected with corning gorilla glass. While X+ is a dual core smartphone while other is quad core processor. Only the price of the Moto G is little much more than Nokia. So according me Moto G is the good choice to buy the smartphone in the low budget as compared to other.



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