Friday, 7 March 2014

Opera Mini 20 with new UI, Real Time Video Chat and lots more


Opera Mini is a big name when it comes to Internet browsers for palm and lap devices. I am myself using Opera Mini (as main browser) in my Android smartphone. Yes there are some restrictions (especially when we have to open websites that are not oriented according to mobile format). Also I have seen some high level websites that are not supported on Opera platform (I am talking about mobile base). But still Opera is my personal favourite for exploring web on my mobile.

Now officials have updated the Opera Mini mobile model to v20. Dubbed as Opera 20, it is flooded with plethora of high end and required software features. This new version makes the entire surface a better place to explore things more quickly and efficiently. Don’t worry I will share its entire features in this same article. The best thing about Opera Mini is WebRTC support for video chats. WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communication and it allows you have real time video chats through Opera interface. Not only this, it also brings some other high end features like:

• Lot of improvements to basic search system which makes it search and filter results with better pace
• Real Time support for video chats (as explained above)
• Backbone support is extended to HTML5 platform which makes it compatible with sites/files that are oriented according to HTML 5 coding
• New APIs
• New interface which displays a flat view for speed dials (you will observe it with the very first look)
• 3 UIs (phone, basic, tablet) and you can switch between any of them anytime
• Better search reflects that allows you to see address bar while searching or reading something
• Lots more

So these are some of the high end features of Opera 20 system. All in this entire new updated Opera module will allow you experience a complete new world in internet.

How to update to Opera 20?

This new Opera Mini 20 is listed on official Google Play Store. You can update it from your smartphone easily. Just visit Play Store and check out the installed apps. There you will see Opera Mini with UPDATE option. Just hit the update button once. You are done almost, it will take some time to download the new contents/code sets. Once the download section is completed, open the updated Opera Mini and start experiencing all above features. If you are finding some issues with downloading section then please let me know here.



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