Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Operate your android smartphone as Scanner


Scanner is basically an electronic device which is used for scanning the text and image files and you can later print out the whole documents. Most of the times you have seen separate scanner is attached with printer or computer. But if you want to use your android or iOS based operating smartphone as scanner then it looks like amazing, how we can use our smartphone as scanner. Yes we can use our smartphone as scanner, simply we have to download some of the best scanner apps for the android and iOS smartphone from the Google play store and you can download either free version or paid version of the application.

Turbo Scan App

It is one of the best scanner apps for the iOS smartphone. You have to pay $3 for this app and can easily download this app from the play store. In this you have to take the scan of each document two or three times and you can choose one of the best scan out of them. You can scan the text and image documents through this app.

Genius Scan

It is also one of the popular scanner apps for the both iOS and android users. Millions of peoples have already downloaded this app from the play. You can download the basic version from the play store but if you want to download advance version then you have to pay $3/-. There are so many features are presents such you can use special keywords to tag the documents, you can easily search the documents and share your scanned documents through Wi-Fi and wireless printing option is also available. So we can say that it is one of the best scanner apps present for the smartphone.

Perfect OCR

It is also another scanner apps present for the smartphone; you have to pay about $4/- to download it from the play store. The main features of it are turbo scan means scanning rate is very fast; scan documents and image, and scanned documents can be converted into the text. This app is available in the different languages such as English, French, Russian and Italian etc.

Mobile Doc Scanner

This is also another great android app for scanning the documents. The basic version of the app is available free but for the advance version in which different scanning options including the watermarks option have to pay. Instead of scanning it will also automatic cleanup the previous scanned documents.


So these are the scanner apps present from the both android as well as iOS operating system smartphone which you can download from the play store. You can installed any of the apps and it depend upon you whether you want to you use basic or advance version of the apps. In the advance version you have lots of scanning option, other features including the watermarks options etc.



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