Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How to get Rs. 50 free talk time/recharge from LINE


Few days back we have seen Sendly Recharge Offer. That was a 50-50 chance as some users were saying that they have recharged their mobile phones through Sendly successfully while some users has also reported about recharge failures even when their balance is deducted from bank accounts. A couple of days ago, one friend/victim contacted me and told that Sendly hasn’t refunded his balance yet. If it is the case then I would like to request Sendly team to refund all the balance as soon as possible.

Now one more such offer is there in market (not like Sendly but is related to free talk time). It is from LINE Messenger App. Sendly was a new name to all Indian customers whereas LINE is a trusted name and we can’t expect any kind of cheating or something sort of their end. They are giving Rs. 50 free talk time for performing a 3-4 steps task. In comparison with Sendly’s offer, this offer seems to be more reliable as here you won’t be asked to pay for the recharge. It is a free talk time scheme from LINE.

LINE Free Talk Time Scheme

It is a promotion scheme from organization which focuses on gathering more number of users to their data base. Here is how you can get free talk time from LINE Messenger:

1. Download LINE App (if you have not downloaded it yet).
2. As next step, you will have to download the LINE characters in Love Sticker Pack.
3. Forward these stickers to some 5 friends (any 5).
4. After that you will have to register to get your free recharge.

This is how you can claim free recharge of Rs. 50 from Line Messenger. It somewhere reminds me of Hike which also offered free recharges for new signups last year. Here are some more facts about this free recharge scheme:

• It is available for Indian customers only
• You need to verify your phone before using this offer
• Free recharge can be claimed on one phone number only
• It is valid for 14 days only (24 March to 6 April)

So keep these things in mind and start using this unique free recharge offer from LINE. Talking about LINE App then it is an useful app which can become an alternate of apps like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, WeChat etc. So it will be a win-win situation for you if you download and use LINE during 24 March to 6 April.



  1. But I m not able to get recharge...after enter th e mobile no. & network I found a msg something wrong....not able to recharge....I m so sad...I think its wasting of time...I download line download sticker....send it to 5 peoples BT not get recharge...so waste of time....

    1. I m also facing the same problem

  2. After sending it to five people, would there be any link provided to me?

  3. how can i download stickerts in my nokia lumia625

  4. how can i download stickers in my nokia lumia 625