Saturday, 29 March 2014

[Pro Snooker] Best android game app for the smartphones


You have played pool or snooker only in the pool station or in the laptop/PC, so if you are pool or snooker lover and want to play this game in your android smartphone then you can download and install this beautiful app from the Google play and enjoy it in your smartphone. There are so many versions either free or paid versions are available on the play store you can download any of them, install and enjoy in your handset.

Pro Snooker App

Pro Snooker is one popular app for the android smartphone to play snooker in your smartphone. this app was designed by the IWareDesign in the last few has been download by the so many peoples and gets so many hit on the internet. This game is available in the 3D means you can rotate or views in all direction with different cameras option are available. This app is applicable with almost all the version of the android operating system above the ginger bread to KitKat (which is the latest version of the android). So if you want to access this app in your android smartphone then you can easily download from the play store.

Features Descriptions

This app is available in the 3D means you can rotate and view in all 360 degree direction without and obstruction. This app is available in the 8 different languages including English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. You can play this game with one player and two players and also with the system’s player.

How to play

Once you have installed this app in your smartphone, tap the icon and select the desired language which you know.

In the nest tab you will see different events such as ‘Practice Game’, Quick Play Game, Tournament Event and League Event, select any of the one following option. Once if you select the first option, after that you have to select player whether you want to play with one player, two players or three players and press next button.

Now select the type of game which you want to play with six red ball, 10 red balls, 15 red balls snooker or pool. You can also select the maximum numbers of racks per match min one rack and maximum 35 racks you can select per game. You can also change the level of difficulty.

Now choose the table on which you want to play there are different size of tables are present in the rectangular, square, hexagon, pentagon and in the T shape etc.

After selecting the table, tap on icon ‘Start Game’ and that’s all, now you can play the game.


To know the basic tip and tricks regarding the games you can see by tapping the Tip icon and to change the audio and sound go to the setting icon and change the level of sound. In the profile icon you can also change the name of the payer and set your name.



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