Sunday, 30 March 2014

Root and install Google Services in Oppo Find 7a


It’s been just about a week when Oppo Find 7a went on sale through 500 retailers in China. However it is not limited in China only and people are looking for buying it in other countries too. Here I am going to discuss a tutorial about how to root Oppo Find 7a smartphone. Being an Android phone everyone looks for gaining its root access. After gaining root access you can easily modify Find 7a according to your needs. You can even insert all Google Services after rooting it.

But as rooting is going to void the official warranty so I will suggest you to go for rooting only if you are full aware of the actual meaning and advantages of rooting. If you are a newbie or not aware of the term rooting then please stick to official configuration only. Try to understand the meaning of rooting and once you think that you are ready for rooting your Find 7a, please try this tutorial.

How to root Oppo Find 7a

1. Download Recovery and G Services files to your computer.
2. Once downloaded, open the Recovery File in your computer.
3. Hit the ENTER key from keyboard.
4. Now you will see a screen full of instructions written in Chinese.
5. Turn OFF your smartphone now.
6. Now boot your smartphone to FastBoot mode. To do this, press and hold POWER + Vol. Up together. You will see a popup once your phone will be booted to FastBoot mode. You can also try apps like ROM Manager for performing this step in automatic way.
7. Now take USB chord and connect 7a to computer.
8. Press ENTER (in command prompt).
9. You will get some onscreen instructions now. Follow them.
10. Disconnect your smartphone from computer and press POWER + Vol. Down keys simultaneously. It will boot it to Recovery Mode.
11. Choose English and check the version. If it is Ver 1.9_Wmjan then okay otherwise you will have to follow above steps again.
12. If version is correct then go to English>> Install from SD >> file.

This is how you can root your Oppo Fina 7a smartphone with the easiest tutorial. As of now no other method is there so you will have to follow the above instructions only. As soon as some other method will be there for rooting Find 7a, I will share that here. After rooting you can even install custom ROMs in your Oppo Find 7a (provided some developer will build them).



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