Monday, 24 March 2014

How to install and use Sony Xperia Z2 features on any Android smartphone


Sony Xperia Z2 is the current smartphone flagship from Sony. This smartphone is stuffed with lots of high quality features that are all unique in its class. As it is the current flagship from the company like Sony so it clearly means that it would be a product of high scale price and everyone can’t afford it. But now no need to worry as you can download and install all Sony Xperia Z2 features on any of your Android smartphone. It is possible on all the Android smartphones that runs on CWM based custom ROM firmwares. If you are operating your smartphone on official or some other builds then unfortunately you won’t be able to enjoy this tutorial.

I know you might be thinking about porting to CWM build ROMs for having Xperia Z2 features on your smartphones but let me remind you some main things. Porting to CWM build firmware’s will force you to root your smartphone which will void your smartphone’s warranty status. In some rare cases it might be a little hectic (especially for newbies) but in case you are already operating your smartphone on some custom build ROM then please port to CWM and start experiencing the unique features of Xperia Z2.

Features of Xperia Z2

Here I am listing the main features that you will experience on your non-Xperia smartphone after trying this tutorial:
• Complete new UI with Xperia Home and Easy Home features. Both the features are responsible for making flat changes in the old UI
• Xperia styed keyboard which will be similar to official one
• Movies, Albums and Notes segments which are parented from Xperia Z2
• Xperia Walkman service
• Z2 live wallpapers
• Smart connect
• All Xperia Z2 widgets/tools
• Lots more
• Walkman and whether section (exact similar to what Xperia Z2 users are using)
• Lots more

So talking in a nutshell then this tutorial will completely change the way you use your smartphone.

Now let we have a look on all the steps that you need to follow for this amazing transition:
1. Follow these pre-requisites.
2. Now download Xperia Z2 Apps Package to your computer.
3. Take USB and move this package to your smartphone memory.
4. Download ROM Manger App from Play Store.
5. Install and open it. Select Recovery Booting option and follow these instructions.

This is how you can install Xperia Z2 similar apps on any of your Android smartphone. Do let me know if you need any sort of assistant or are facing some issues.



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