Thursday, 6 March 2014

Top 10 apps for the Android Smartphones


Recently if you have buy any android smartphone, than you can download and install millions of apps on your system. There are about thousands of web pages where you can search different apps for the music, games, videos, editing, creating and for other purposes. Here we are discussing some of the best apps for the android smartphone which you can download from the Google play store with free of cost and whose installation process is very simple.

Cloud Apps: Drop Box

It is one of the best cloud and sync apps which is present in the android smartphone. You can sync your files between the PC, smartphone and tablet very easily. Whenever you save any photos, videos or other documents to the dropbox folder in your smartphone than it will automatically save the same content to the dropbox folder in your PC or tablet. So it is good apps for backup your web pages or blogs. You can easily this app from the play store.

Messenger Apps: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the one the latest and mostly used messenger for chats. You can send images, photos, videos and other documents to your friends with in a few seconds. Remember one thing, the size of the files must not exceed more than 25MB, for that you have to install WhatApp plus on device. In the mid of this year WhatsApp will also launch the free voice call to the entire user. Installation and download process is very simple.

Pulse: News App

Nowadays all the news channel have their own site, all day you serf them to find some good and important news but at the end you still miss some news. But in the Pulse app you find all the news across the world in a grid style with good graphics and the friendly user interface. News updates are available after every second with latest happenings. This app is applicable with Android, iOS and Windows operating system.

Video Player App: MX Player

Most of the android smartphones comes with video player which is not user friendly. MX player is one of the best video players with smooth interface, and user friendly. You can easily change the brightness and volume by sliding the screen below/above. It is also applicable with all the OS like android, Windows, iOS and blackberry.

TV App: Netflix

Most of time you visit on YouTube for the online video but in you tube you can’t see the live video, match and other TV channel. So Netflix is the best TV apps for the smartphone in which you can see the live video, news channel, sports channel and other TV channel in different languages.

Quickoffice App

Sometimes you are in the college or outside home where you have not laptop or tablet are with you and you want to open different files like word or PDF files, than you have to install this apps in your smartphone, in which you can open word file, PDF files and create slides and other documents in the word and excel.

Video chat app: Skype

In the play there are so many apps for the chats but video chats apps are very few. If you want to do video chats with your friends than you can install Skype app on your device. With which you can do video chats and video call. You can also download and install this app from the play store.

Best game app: Temple Run 2

There are so many games are available on the play store like car racing bike racing, adventure game apps and more. But according to me Tempe Run 2 is the best game for smartphone with lot of levels and different tasks are present in the games which you have to complete. You can easily download this app from the play store.

Photo app: Snapseed

If you are crazy about editing photos in a different styles than snapseed app is best suitable for you. In this you can change size of photo also you can crop, rotate the image with large number of filters and frames are present which you can add to your upload and upload to the Facebook, Skype etc.

Web Browser: Google Chrome

To access internet in your device you can install chrome app from the play store in which you can open multiple tabs in one window. There are so many advance features are available in this browser and is one of the best web browser.



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