Sunday, 2 March 2014

Top 10 free software to install on your new PC/Laptop


If you have purchased new PC/Laptop, mostly system operated with the windows OS but it’s your choice whether you want windows or Mac operating system. Here we are discussing some of the few software which you must install in your PC to enjoy the full feature of the advance technology. These software will protects you from the viruses, provides internet browser for accessing internet, media player and other necessary editing software.

Microsoft Security Essentials

MSI (Microsoft Security Essential) is powerful antivirus which is launched by the Microsoft Corporation in the market. It will protect your PC/laptops from the viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware. You can download this software from the Google and its installation process is very easy, only you have to update once in a week to update with new viruses.

Crap Cleaner

It is one of the software which improves the system performance by deleting the unwanted files from the system automatically, which will increase the memory, clear the cache memory and increase the speed of the system due to which your system will not hang. So keep your system in fast processing you must have installed this software.

Adobe Reader

Most of the result or other information has been published on the internet in the form PDF format, so if you have not install the Adobe Reader software than you cannot open the PDF files. In this you can open, edit PDF files, create a PDF file and convert PDF file into word or excel. It is compatible with almost every OS like with Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8 etc.

VLC Media Player

It is one of the best and simple media player in which you can play different formats files of the both audio and video. It supports different formats like AVI, HD, CD, DVD and audio etc. in this you can easily change the Aspect ratio, Corp, Sound and other effects of the audio as well as video by using the keys of the keyboards.

Google Chrome

This software is launched by the Google for accessing the Internet on the Windows or other operating system. You can easily download from the Google official website without any cost and install in your system. The latest version comes with advance features like multi tab option, multiple chrome extension and many more.

WinRAR software

This software is basically used for compressing the files into different formats. It is one of the best and simple file compressing software. This software basically compress files into RAR and ZIP format, also provides password protection and command protection features for the files. In case you have not installed this software than you cannot open any RAR and ZIP files.

Picasa Photo Editor

This software is basically used for opening files into different styles. The advance version of it comes with more features like 1000 times zoom, editing of photos, also creating small videos by combining large number of photos and you can also add song with in that video with large number of different effects.

MS Office

Microsoft Office unable to create files in MS Word, Excel, Power point, Note etc. it is one of the best software which is published by the Microsoft Corporation. Different versions have been launched and which is compatible with almost every operating system. In this you can perform any mathematic operation, save your personnel documents and prepare your slides in the power point.

Wonder share Recovery software

One of the best software which you must installed in your system, it will automatically recover your deleted or lost data and save on the hard disk. It can also recover lost data from the external devices like pen drive or portable hard disk.

Team Viewer

When you have installed this PC on the two system than by using one other ID and password you can operate another computer without touching it. You can access another computer even it is in another country.



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