Sunday, 23 March 2014

Top 4 android launcher apps for the smartphones


Everyone wants to change their smartphone day by day because they get bored and want to enjoy new features. But it is not possible to buy smartphone day by day, so here we are discussing some of the top android launcher apps for the android OS smartphone through which you can change your smartphone and feels like a new smartphone. These apps are compatible with android version ICS and above. When you will install these apps in your smartphone then it will transform your smartphone every day.

Nova Launcher

It is one of the popular launcher app and widely used by the android smartphone users across the world. This app is compatible with android version ICS and above operating system. It is highly customizable apps and have greater performance driver with home screen replacement features. It is available in both free and paid version, which you can easily installed and download from the play store.

The main feature of this app is Scroll effects, Folder icons, custom grid, backup/restore, infinite scroll and scrollable dock etc. in this you can keep your favorite apps on the dock, enjoy eye candy when scrolling your desktop and choose different background.

EverythingMe Launcher App

It is also one of the best android phone launcher which delivers so many features. You can upgrade your smartphone’s basic features and experience daily new features. You can also upgrade the functionality and look of the home screen. It can also personalize the way you open the app, make the call and perform other tasks.

The main features of this app is that you can get the update of the news and weather forecast report on your screen, gets the nearest location of the restaurant, transportation and shops in your city and also get movies app and other information.

Aviate Beta

It is one of the intelligent home screen launcher for the android smartphone. Aviate Beta automatically categories your apps and automatically rearranges your home screen.

It will automatically update the weather information on the screen, when you are driving then it will display traffic rules and direction, it will also provide the information for the nearby restaurant with images and when you connected earphone then it will display songs in the music player with complete information regarding the band, artist and composer etc.

Themer Beta

Themer beta launcher lets you make your smartphone new with extensively library of free themes comes with widgets, icons, wallpapers and more and click to apply. It will also make your phone smarter with smart categories which auto categorized the apps. In this lot free themes are available with card user interface, easy to apply and are customizable.

So these are the some of android launcher apps which you can download from the play store with free of cost or paid version and install them in your system.



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