Sunday, 16 March 2014

Top 5 best Dictionary Apps for android smartphones


Are you looking for best dictionary apps for the android smartphone, and then you visit the right place. Here we are suggesting some of the apps which you can easily download and install with free of cost from the android play store. These apps are features with advance specification line you instead of knowing the meaning of word you can also know the synonyms, antonyms, phrase, word origin and audio pronunciation for each word with lot more. Below we have short listed the top of the dictionary apps for android smartphone.

Dictionary App

It is one of the popular dictionary apps for smartphones with lot of words presents in it. Here in this app you can search each word in 15 different languages including special words from the engineering, medical and other special field. You can translate each word and every word presents in this app into 40 different languages.

You can also know the synonyms, antonyms, phrase and other deification including the audio pronunciation for the word. You can also store and save the bookmarks and also you can also vocabulary building games, to increase your knowledge. App is also popular apps for the android smartphones. It includes the more than two million words, including synonyms, antonyms, phrase and complete comprehensive. When you search a word in it, instead of meaning it will display the synonyms, antonym and phrase of the word. You can also store the word to the history or own dictionary so that next time you will easily search it. You can also know the origin of the word along with its audio pronunciation.

Oxford Dictionary

This is one of the biggest dictionaries which stores large numbers of words across the world. You can search almost each and every word in different languages from the different countries. It is features with advance specification like quick search option with filters option, history, favorite words and more. You also add important words or search to the favorite option.

It also display or publish the newly generated word on the home pages and you can know the meaning with complete information regarding the word. When you will search any words in this dictionary and click on it then it will display the meaning along with phrase, antonyms, synonyms, origin and also with audio pronunciation option in front of the word.

Offline Dictionaries

The main advantages with offline dictionary apps is that you can browse offline without connecting to the internet everywhere, whether you are in office or in remote area you can access this apps. It also saves your mobile battery and date usage. Remaining features are almost similar to the above mention apps.

English Dictionary

It is also another offline dictionary app with 2 million words stores inside it, and also you can see the verb of each word. You can also backup the history and bookmarks in this app. Audio pronunciation option are also available.



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