Monday, 3 March 2014

Top 5 free internet browser for PC/Smartphones


If you have purchased new PC/Laptop or Smartphone and want to access internet in a very fast speed, than you have to download and install any of the following internet browser in your system, through which you can access internet in a fast speed. You can simply download these software from the Google with free of cost and installation process is also very simple.

Google Chrome

It is one of the best internet browsers which are released by the Google. So if you want to access internet you can download and install this browser in your system. Its installation process is automatic means when your downloading will be completed it will automatic installed. This browser can be run either in PC or in Smartphone and which is compatible with almost all operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Linux and Android etc.

This browser is also available in the different version you can install any of the version. The latest version of the Google Chrome comes with advance feature like multi tab, simple, good graphics and large numbers of apps are available in this browser which you download and installed in the system also large numbers of Google extensions are available in this browser.

Opera Mini Internet Browser

Like Google Chrome, Opera Mini Web browser is very popular and which is mostly used in the smartphones, mobiles and PC. Different version has been launched and the latest version which was launched in this year has come with advance features like you can open multiple tabs at a time with about maximum 12 to 20 tabs can be open. You can also download multiples in this browser with very fast speed. It also protects your personnel information from the unknown person. You can easily download and install this browser from the internet.

UC Web Browser

UC web browser is one of the most popular internet browser used by the peoples. Like other internet browser it also have the same features as we mention in the above browser but it differ from other web browser is that when you are downloading any files and in the middle your internet connection will disconnect, than your downloading will cancel and again it will start from the initial but in this browser the downloading will started from where it is disconnected. You can also pause/resume the downloading. It is compatible with almost every operating system.

Mozilla Firefox 2014

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser which is used for net surfing with very fast rate. The main features of this browser are that you can quickly navigate between the web pages and the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox 2014 also protects your system from the viruses and spywares. Firefox download manager is easy to use, easy to interface and downloading files can be pause/resume. It is compatible with all operating system and can be easily download.

Maxthon Browser

This is one of the user friendly web browsers with smooth interface and graphics. You can easily change, add and remove the tool bar and its icons. The other features are like zoom in or zoom out in window, easy to use, privacy protection and private browser.



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