Thursday, 27 March 2014

Top 5 FTP tools for large file transfer


In the IT sector every day peoples share files between the different organizations or with in the same organization. If you transfer or share files between the system through USB or LAN then it takes too much time for the transfer, that will reduce the performance of the system and also you have lost your precious time. Here in this article we are discussing some of the best software for the large file transferring which you can install in your system and enjoy the fast data transfer between the different systems.

IPSWITCH File Transfer

It is one of the reputable software in the world of file transfer. Most of the IT sector organization uses this software for the transferring large file between the systems. You can transfer or share data at a very high speed within the organization or within two or more organization. Recently they have also launched new features in it through which you can transfer large file through the cloud based. In case Cloud based features is not worked with you then you can download the on-site version and install it and enjoy high data transfer rate.

Axway File Transfer Software

It is also one of the best large file transfer software used by the different organization. It was developed by the German company but it is also popular in the US and remaining countries. The older versions of this software are facing some problem so they have recently upgraded their version with new features and also provide full security. Because when you transfer data or other files through the cloud computing then there is a chance of lost in information may be seen by someone who is expert in the API security for the mobile and cloud based computing services. So the new versions of it are more secure.


It is also another software or tools for the large file transfer but it is not widely used because have disadvantages. The free version of this can transfer file up to size of 2 MB and the file greater than 2 MB, then you have buy the paid version otherwise you can’t transfer the file. It works with PC, Mac, smartphone and tablets. And the main disadvantages are that it only works with the cloud computing technology.

GlobalScape EFT

It is one of best tool for the transfer of large file with very high speed. It offer enhanced file transfer (EFT) with high level of security. Most of the popular organization in the world uses this tool for the transfer of large files.

Citrix Share File

You might have already heard about this name in the production section in the field of IT sector such as Share File software and now they have change the niche to file transfer. With this you can transfer maximum 100 GB data at a time.


Above we have discussed some of the best file transfer software which you can download or buy and install in your system and enjoy the file transfer with high speed.



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