Saturday, 1 March 2014

Top 5 Media Players for Window OS users


Today almost every PC, Desktop, Laptops and even smartphones are operated on Windows Operating System which is produced by the Microsoft Corp Inc. Lots of audio and video media player have been developed by different corporation one of the best media player required good quality, low cost and other necessary software and user friendly and easy to use. Here we discuss some of the top 5 media player for both audio and video payer which will be operated in the Windows OS.

VLC Media Player

It is open source free software which can be easily run on almost every Operating System very smoothly without disruptions. It is a powerful media player which can run almost every file of the audio as well as video like AVI, CD, DVD, Audio File, Blue ray, HD and many more very clearly. There are so many different version of VLC are available and the latest version available is VLC 2.1.
This media player is very simple to use by using the key of keyboard like you can change the aspect ratio by pressing key A, you can mute the video by Key M, you can change the audio by Key B, and so many keys are used to change the specification of the videos very easily.

Foo Bar 2000

It is one of the best media players whose specification is almost similar to the Winamp media player. It is one of the best media players with advancement in flexibility, sound and video. It supports almost every format of the audio and video on the every operating system. This media player different from other is that you can open many tabs in the navigation which will help you to select different files from the different folder. There are so many layout option are also present and is very simple to use.

Music Bee audio player

Music Bee is a one of the easiest media player to use which comes with so many features. In this you can collect so many files of the audio and keep records for a long time and you can play those files at any time. You can also search any songs with in seconds and play that song. The songs you have stored in that media play will be display on the screen in a folder or in a list you can select a song and play that songs. It comes with advance features like rip synchronize and many more.

Winamp Media Player

It is one of the best media players and its latest version comes with advance technology which supports almost every format of the audio and video and which is compatible with almost every OS. The features like it can burn music into CDs, Drag and Drop features, also supports Internet radio, XM Radio and in case you are connected to internet than you can search any songs by its artist name or song name and lot more features are present in this media player.

Quick time Media Player

This media player supports both audio and video format and which is compatible with Windows operating system. Its features are almost to the remaining media player but its response time is very fast as compared to the other media player.



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