Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Top 5 things to know before upgrading your smartphones


Smartphones are becoming most popular electronic device across the world wide, the main reason is that it is light in weight, fast response, and high performance and can be easily updates or upgrade to the new version without any cost. Upgrading means you are installing latest version of the operating system which is compatible with your device and updating means you are updating the same version for the new features. So here we tells you five most things which you must consider before upgrading your any smartphone whether it is android or windows, iOS smartphone. You must know these points before updating your smartphone or you can also update your device in the mobile care.

Points to remember

Update or delete apps
Before upgrading your smartphone you must updates all the apps which needs updating and also you can delete the apps which you need for the longer time. So firstly updates the apps and delete the unnecessary apps which will also free some of the phone storage.

Backup your device
Once you have clean and updates all the necessary apps then backup your data. This is the first and last chance to keep back up your data such as phonebook, apps and other data stored in the internal storage of the device. You can use different methods for back up your data, there are different apps are available in the play which you can download and backup all your necessary data. You can also use iCloud for the backup.

Check availability
Before upgrading your smartphone to the latest version, first of all check whether your device is upgradeable up to that or not. You can check the compatibility of the smartphone from the specification of the smartphone. In the specification it is mention that whether your device is compatible to new version or not. You can also know from the mobile care whether your device is upgradeable or not.

Make free space
When you are upgrading your device then make your device’s storage free because it needs large space for upgrading. You can transfer your important photos, audio and other video files to the laptop or you can move it to the external device. You can also delete unwanted or unnecessary apps which you don’t use regularly. This will free the space of the memory.

You must have to charge your battery up to above 70% or you can fully charge your device then you can upgrade or update your device. It is not mandatory but some time it may also cause halt to the upgrading process so be careful and charge your battery and this process will takes few minutes.


So these are the basic things which you need to consider before upgrading your device. Hope this will definitely help you to upgrading your smartphone.



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