Thursday, 13 March 2014

Unwanted calls blocking apps for Android smartphone


Nowadays you face one of the problem on the any mobile is the unwanted or unknown calls or message from the unknown persons or companies. In the simple mobile you can do nothing for these calls and message except from the company which can be deactivated by the activating do not disturb service. But calls or message from the unknown cannot be disrupted. So when you are android based smartphone then you can download and install the unwanted call and message blocking apps from the Google play store, which will automatically delete or end the unwanted or unnecessary calls or message. Here we are discussing some of the call blocking apps for the android smartphone which you can easily download and install in your smartphone.

Call Blocker X App

This is one of the best unwanted calls blocking app. You can download this app from the android play store and install in your phone. In this app you can block by particular location, time and group. You can also block calls and message for the unknown number. In this app you can also blocked the unknown message. But with app one problem is that calls and messages from the Facebook, Skype or Google Voice cannot be blocked.

Call Blocker App

This app will block unwanted or unknown calls and message to your smartphone. You can also check who have call and message to you through this app. The key features of this app are:

It wills automatic block the spam message and calls with area code.
You can also trace the location of unknown number who has recently called you.
You can also record the blocked number for further details regarding the unknown number.
The number which you have blocked the calls and message, then the next time you will get the mute ring tones.
So it is one of the best app for blocking the unknown number or calls which you can download the Google play store with free of cost.

Mr Number app

In this app you can block permanently unknown calls and messages. The main features of this app are that you can also block the particular group simultaneously so that you cannot receive their call and message. If you once block the unknown number then you will not receive further calls from that number. You can also store the block messages. You can easily download this app from the Google play store with free of cost.

So these are the some of the apps which will permanently blocks unknown calls and messages with targeting a particular location, area code or group. These apps are easily available on the android paly store and you can easily download and install it from the play store with free of cost.



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