Monday, 24 March 2014

What is Wi-Fi adapter and how it is used with PCs


USB Wi-Fi adapter or dongle is a device which is used for accessing the internet wirelessly from the router. Some of the systems nowadays don’t have the installed wireless card or wireless adapter in the system for connecting with the Wi-Fi for accessing the internet or for sharing and transferring the files between the systems. So there are so many devices are available in the market which can be externally connected to computers and they can access internet or share files wirelessly. Some of the devices are external wireless adapter, wireless network card and USB Wi-Fi dongle or adapter.

Here we only discuss about the USB Wi-Fi dongle/adapter. This is a device which is used externally with the computer for accessing the internet wirelessly. Wi-Fi dongles are basically used for sending the wireless or radio wave signal at high frequency to the WAP (Wireless Access point) to gain access to a network. This adapter/dongle is connected to computer with one of USB port of the system. This device is needed when the system doesn’t have internally installed wireless card.

Benefits of the USB Wi-Fi adapter/dongle

There are so many benefits of using USB Wi-Fi adapter/dongle which are described below:

No need to install internal hardware
Nowadays all the laptops or PCs comes with internal wireless card, but in case the system doesn’t support internal wireless card than installing the hardware process is so much difficult. But in case of USB Wi-Fi dongle/adapter you have to simple connect it into one of the USB port of the system and it will automatic update and start installation, no need of installing it.

No need of Cable wires
USB Wi-Fi dongle/adapter can connect the computers, printer or other devices to a wireless network without requiring the hard wired connection. It simply receives the signals from the wireless networks, routers or any wireless device and translates to the computer so that they can access the internet when they are within the range of wireless networks.

No need to Up-grade the system
When you are using USB Wi-Fi dongle than, there is no need to be upgrade the system. External Wi-Fi adapter comes with much faster speed as compared to the internally installed wireless card. For example if internally installed wireless card which have network protocol 80.11 n have 4Mbps of speed while external Wi-Fi dongle with same network protocol offered speed of about 100 Mbps.

Used on multiple devices
As it comes externally so it can be connected with any system, the system must have USB port or otherwise you have to take the USB converter.

How to Connect USB Wi-Fi dongle to computer to access Wi-Fi

Connecting process with computers is not so much difficult, step by step procedures id given below.

Step 1
Firstly connect the USB Wi-Fi adapter/dongle in any of the USB port of the system and no need of driver or software required for the installation of it.

Step 2
Now turn on the wireless network of the system and search the wireless networks for accessing the internet.

Step 3
After you search the wireless signal than in the dialog box you have to enter the key which is put on the wireless router. After entering this key you’ll be able to accessing the internet wirelessly.



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