Saturday, 22 March 2014

WhatsApp: How to make free call, tip and tricks


WhatsApp becoming one of the most popular apps used by the peoples in the smartphone, PC or laptop and is compatible with android, windows, iOS and other operating system. It is an instant messenger app in which you can send message, images, videos and other data files to your friends. In the mid of this year you can also make free voice call from this app. Here we are discussing features of this apps and how to operate this app n your system.

WhatsApp for smartphones

If you are using the android, windows and iOS based operating system then you can easily download this app from the Google play store, install in your device and only you have to enter your mobile number through which you want to connect with your friends.

WhatsApp for PC/Laptop

But if you are using the PC or Laptop and you want to access WhatsApp in PC then you have follow two or three simple steps. Firstly install the Blue Stack and download the WhatsApp from it and install in your PC.

Basic Tips and Tricks to use WhatsApp

For the new users it is not easy to access the entire feature but here we are discussing some of the method which will definitely help you to use this app.

How to send a message
When you have installed this app in your device, then firstly open it and you will see the list of the friends who are using this app. Now you can select or click on the name of the friends who you want to send text messages.
Now you will see the text box below in the bottom of the screen where you can type your message and press enter key to send your message and you can also check whether this message is read or not, if double right arrow will be seen below the message which you have sent it means this message was seen by your friends.

How to send image, audio and videos files
You can also send image, video and voice to your friends. If you want to send image or video the visit the text box and click on the ‘Attach’ icon on the right top side and select your files either from gallery or you can capture image or image select it and send to your friends. It wills takes few times to upload depends upon your internet connection.

You can also send direct your voice instead of typing message just speak and send to your friends. To send your voices firstly go to the text box and press and hold the record icon and release the button to send your voice. And your friends have to download and can listen it.

How to change profile setting
In case you want to change your profile pic or the profile name then click on the button shown on the left side of the Home button and click on the setting. Now click on the Profile icon, if you want to change the profile pic the click on the pic icon and choose your new image from gallery, crop the portion of the image which you want to display and press OK and it will takes few seconds to upload your new profile pic.

You can also change your name which will be display on the home page of your friends WhatsApp simply click on the name and change your name which.

How to delete your account
If you want to closed your delete your account then perform these simple steps click on the setting and select the account icon from the list and in the next page you will see different option but click on the button ‘Delete Account’ and enter your mobile number and press ‘Delete My Account’ icon that’s all.

How to add new friends
In this if you want to add new friends then you must know him/her mobile number and save this number in your phone book and it will automatically display on the home page of the app if he/she is using this app.

How to block friends
Nowadays everyone get your number from the Facebook messenger and so if you want to block your friends then you have to follow simple step. Click on the setting and select the account and click on the privacy button. After that click on the Blocked Contacts and click on the +add icon on the top right side and select the friends and press the Block button.

How to make Free call

This features is yet not present in this app but will be launched very soon by the WhatsApp in the month of June or July this year. So when they will launch this app we will inform to you how to make free call through this.



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