Saturday, 8 March 2014

Wi-Fi Hotspot and How to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot


Wi-Fi Hotspot or wireless hotspots are essentially wireless access points providing the network or internet access to mobile devices like your tablet, laptop and smartphone in public places like in cafes, libraries, airports and hotels. Simply Wi-Fi hotspot is a technology which provides you to accessing internet wirelessly in public places; though many of the hotspot paid charges while some of the hotspots provide free service.
A Wi-Fi Hotspot is a wireless access point that provides Internet access to the network devices in public places. Wi-Fi hotspot is simply an area with an accessible wireless network range. All the Wi-Fi or wireless routers work on the principle of Wi-Fi Hotspot. The main advantages of this technology is that once you setup the Wi-Fi hotspot than you don’t need any kind of router, hub or switching device for connecting to the networks or internet.

What is the need of Wi-Fi Hotspot?

When group of peoples are sitting in a place and they only have one internet connection and everyone wants to access the internet. The solution of this problem can be solved by using Wi-Fi Hotspot. If someone knows that how to create a Wi-Fi hotspot than they can share single internet connection with all the Wi-Fi enabled devices and do whatever they want.

Requirement for Wi-Fi Hotspot

Not all the devices are connected to the Wi-Fi hot spot. Here we are providing the necessary guideline which will definitely help you to whether device can connect to the Wi-Fi hot spot or not? What are the things which you should know before creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Your devices like iPod, smartphone, tablet and laptops on which you have to connect Wi-Fi hotspot must be in the range of available wireless networks.
The device which you are connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspot must either have inbuilt wireless transmitter (wireless adapter) or device must be Wi-Fi enabled. In case your device neither has inbuilt wireless adapter nor Wi-Fi enabled than you can also connect externally wireless adapter to the USB port or PCI port depending upon the port present in the wireless adapter.
You also have “Wi-Fi Finder” software for finding the Wi-Fi Hotspot (this is an optional because most of the devices nowadays comes with automatic search of Wi-Fi hotspot).
So these are things which you must know before creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

How to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Step 1: The device which you are using must either have Wireless adapter (or wireless transmitter) or device being Wi-Fi enabled, internet connection to the laptop could be wired or wireless.

Step 2: Then download the software to help create the Wi-Fi hotspot, which is compatible with your operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 2007 and Windows 2008.

Step 3: Now install the software which you have download.

Step 4: Select a security connected mode. There are basically two modes: AdHoc-OPEN and AdHoc-WEP. AdHoc-OPEN, in this mode other device doesn’t need password to connect to Wi-Fi hotspot, while in AdHoc-WEP security mode allows connection only when you have password.

Step 5: Click “start hotspot” and then virtual Wi-Fi hotspot created. Now get the device which is connected with hotspot which you just created. Now you can share your internet with your friends or family.

devices used for creating Wi-Fi Hotspot

Smartphone tethering
Mi-Fi device
PCMCIA or USB data Card



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