Friday, 28 March 2014

[WoNoBo] Android app for walkthroughs of Indian cities


WoNoBo is one of the new words in the world of android smartphone especially in the India and most of the peoples down not know the meaning of the word and even they heard this word for the first time. But if you are using smartphone and travel to a different places daily or you are a travel guide or want to wonder all the places of India without travelling guide then this app will definitely help you. Now question arise how it can help us and what is it? So it is one of the most popular app and one of the best android apps for the Indian users through which you can get the roadmaps of the different places at every turns through the way. With the help of this app you can easily get the direction and the interiors views of the different places (only selected cities) and also you will get the road map of the different cities.

WoNoBo App

It is one of best app for the android smartphone users across the India. If you are daily traveller to ne places or want to wonder the different cities of the India with your friends then you have to stop at every turns, asking for road direction to the particular place in order to reach successfully the place. But this problem of stopping your vehicle at every turns can be stopped by one of the best smartphone apps known as WoNoBo through which you can get the road map of the different cities of the India and also get the interiors view of the selected place and get the roadmap for the place. This app was launched by the Genesys International in the India. It is one of the first apps which offer 360 degree view service on the smartphone. This app is currently available on the Google Play Store for the free download.

Main features

Presently this app is applicable or we can say you can get the directions of the 14 Indian cities and in the coming few month companies will add 54 more cities to this app. With the help of this app you can get the direction at each and every turn of the way and also get the complete road map to reach the place successfully. This app also offer access to over 10 million points of interest such as hotels, restaurant, parks, monuments etc. and according to your interest you can view the interiors of key and preferred location. CMD of the Genesys International said that users can share their college, school, hotels anything else about the Indian cities.


So if you are smartphone users then you can download this app from the Google play store and enjoy the features of this app.



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