Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Buy Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo online in India at best price


In the recent few years most of the smartphone manufacturers has launched so many electronics gadgets instead of smartphone, tablets and laptops. Recently this year, Samsung which is one of the famous manufacturers in the Asia has launched the Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smart watches in the market with operating system. You can pick up the call, text the messages and also capture images and video in high quality and lot more features. These smart watches were launched in the beginning of this year and now you can buy these smart watches from the different online store at cheapest price.

Specification Descriptions

Galaxy Gear 2 smart watches have a 1.63 inches screen coated with super AMOLED display and support multi touch with resolution of 320x320p pixels. But this smart watch uses Tizen operating system instead of the android operating system. It supports 2 MP of camera with auto focus features and which can also record video and capture image in high quality. The screen of watch is protected with the water resistant glass and dust proof shutter glass and no fear of water. You can also connect your smart watch with Bluetooth enable devices for the listening music and transferring files.

The other important features which it supports are calculator, Chat ON, flash light, voice memo, stop watch, timer etc. you can also pick up the incoming calls and listen them with the help of this watch. You can also chat with your friends through the messenger or text messages. It also comes with different color band with adjustable band. The price of this smart watch is set to be near about RS 21,550 on the different online store in India.

Apart from the Gear 2, Samsung Gear 2 neo also have almost same features like same operating system, screen size and other features. But the main drawback or limitation which you can say about the Gear 2 Neo is that it does not support camera so you can’t capture images or record video on this smart watch. This is the main reason that its cost is set to be near about RS 15,450. While other features are specs are similar to the Gear 2 smart watch.


So if you are thinking to buy new smart watch then you can buy these Samsung smart watches from the online store as best price in India. You can use smart watch for the multi task. You can listen music watch video and pick up the incoming calls and also read or send the text messages.



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