Friday, 4 April 2014

Chat without internet connection on android/iOS based smartphones


Most of times when you have no internet connection or data are not available in your smartphone then you have to wait for the next data recharge or even when sometimes you have lost your network or your network’s server is down then you have to wait for the network. But if you are using the android smartphone then you can chat without data connection or network with your friends. But it is limited for the short range about 10 meters.

Fire Chat App

With the help of Fire Chat app you can chat with your friends without internet connection or data networks. You does not need any data pack or recharge for chatting and also even you mobile have no network or your network server is down then you can also chat with your friends.

This app is launched by the San Francisco open Garden Company in this week this app is compatible with android and iOS operating system. You do not need any Wi-Fi connection, cellular network or even no data connection is required.

It uses mesh technology to enable peer to peer connection with another android smartphones. You can only connect your this app only in the android as well as iOS operating system. Currently this app is not compatible with windows operating system.

This app works for the range of about 10 meters or about 30 feet. But this app does not work if the distance between the android smartphone increases then you can’t chat your chat will be automatically disconnected. But if you want to chat for the long distance then you use internet connection.

Features of Fire Chat

You can chat with your friends through the android smartphones.
You do not need any internet connection or mobile networks for the chat.
You can chat with this app up to 30 feet range or 10 meters, beyond this app you can’t chat.
You can chat with a person or group of person at once.
There is no need to login in to the Facebook account and no need to remember password.


You can easily download this app from the android or Google play store with free of cost and install in your smartphones. You will chat with those friends who have installed this app in your smartphones. It is short distance messenger app and does not work for the long distance.



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