Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Connect your android smartphone wirelessly with your Windows 8 PC


Have you ever think about to connect your android smartphone or tablet with the Windows 8 or 8.1 Laptop? So your dream is going to be true, you can connect your android tablet wirelessly with your laptop with the help of iDisplay app. With the help of this app you can play tablets music, videos on the bigger screen wirelessly. So to install this app in your system you have to follow some basic steps which are described in the article.

iDisplay App

iDisplay app is only available in the paid version and you can install or download the free version of this app. You can get this app in just $5 from the Google play store. It is one of app used for connecting android devices wirelessly to the windows 8 laptop. You can play music and video files from your tablets on the PC with this app.

How to install

The very fast step is that you have to download the iDisplay driver for the windows. You have to download separate driver for the windows 7 or 8. Once you have installed the driver in your system then reboot your system.

After the installation process is completed connect your PC and tablets with the help of Wi-Fi networks. Now you have to install the iDisplay app in your tablets.

When you have installed this app in your android device and both the devices (PC and tablets) are connected to the same Wi-Fi IP address then you will automatically connect with your laptops. In case it is not connect automatically then you can also set up it manually.

Now you will see the computer name, press it and enter the port number and IP which you have assigned in the laptop.

Once you fill this information then your screen will flicker when the connection is setup and press the Window + P key to setup the connection.

Now you can change the screen resolution from the setting icon and watch movies on your PC wirelessly from the tablets.


So it is one of the best remote apps for connecting android devices wirelessly with the windows PC. But you can only use the paid version of this app because free version will not work. In the windows 8 when you change the screen resolution then it will not work properly but in the window 7 these changes will work properly.



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