Saturday, 5 April 2014

Create animated video on your iPhone with 5Seconds App


If you love to create animated video on your iPhone then it is good news for you to create animated video on your iPhone with the help of 5Seconds App. You can create your own animated videos, add special effects to the video and also cut the part of the movies which you do not need, you can also add the effects, frames and other sound effects to the video. You can easily download this app from the play store, install on your device and enjoy the features of it.

5seconds App

You have seen lots of photo software through which you can create clip of video by grouping the large number of photos and add different sounds and create a unique videos. But for the untrained person it is not so much easy task, so here with the help of this app you can create animated video easily.

5Seconds app is very impressive tool for creating the animated video and is easy to use. You can easily download and install this app from the play and create your own animation and upload to the internet and share with your Facebook, Twitter or Google plus friends. This app is compatible with only iOS based smartphone, so android and windows users can’t access or enjoy this app.

Features of App

You can create animation not from the image but also from the videos which you have captured with camera.

You can add different segments of 5 seconds in the video and also you can trim the unnecessary part of the video. After adding and cutting the video you can converts it in to GIF and add different effects.

From the editing section you can apply different filters to your GIF, also add different types of frames or you can also create your own frames to the GIF.

You can also adjust the quality of the GIF either low, medium and high, if you changes the quality then the size of the file will be reduced.

You can also crop and annotate your GIF files and share GIF files with your friends.

You can also add your text message and also change the back ground color.


So it is one of the best animation creation apps for the iPhone through which you can create cool animation and share with your friends. You can also create different animation and takes parts in the different animation creation events.



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