Friday, 4 April 2014

Download FireChat for enjoying free messaging without internet or cellular coverage


Technology is really pacing with great speed these days. There were days when we have to pay our balance for texting every message from our normal phones. With the evolution of smartphones (mainly Android) this trend changed and we moved to better alternates like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. But still we have/had to spend some bucks in form of activating the net packs that allows us to use these services. Now we have entered the era when we don’t need any internet connections or message packs for sending messages to our nearby locations. When I read it for the first time then I thought that it will be like a scam or something like and it can’t be a reality. But still I gave it a try and it worked like charm for me (I have tested it on two smartphones).

I am talking about FireChat Application that allows you to have free chatting in range of 30 feet. It even allows you to enjoy global chatting services if you are connected to internet. Best thing about this application is its requirement. For nearby locations (up to 30 feet) it doesn’t require internet connection or any cellular network even. So it can work like a virtual free network that can be used within home or during some emergency.

Features of FireChat

• Two modes “Everyone” and “Nearby” that covers entire range of communication
• Everyone mode can be used with internet only whereas Nearby mode can be operated with or without internet connection also. Nearby mod works best within a distance of 30 feet
• Instant messaging in both the modes
• No login details required (it makes it somewhat risky too)
• Can be used at home or in serious cases also
• Everyone mode can be used for seeing others activity too (like who is saying what for some particular person or sort of)
• Lots more

Download FireChat

FireChat application is launched for both iPhone and Android platforms. You can download it from respective stores. This application is new to Android store but it was recently launched for iOS store (about a week ago) where it topped various positions. So it is a useful app that can work as central hub (that can be used for free without internet or cellular coverage) within 30 feet location. This app will suit you best if you want to convey your messages within your homes (like from one room to second and so on). So download it and enjoy its features.



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