Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fastest software for transferring and sharing data in Android Smartphones


In the android smartphone you have seen lots of connectivity features such as USB port, Bluetooth, NFC and Infrared port through which you can transfer and share data with another smartphones or with your PC. But the transferring rat is very slow except NFC and Infra-red port in which you can transfer date at very speed but these ports come with selected smartphones. Here we are discussing one of the best software or we can say android app for sharing or transferring data with another smartphone or PC with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at very speed as compared to transferring data with Bluetooth. With the help of this app you can transfer games, apps, songs and images from one device to another handset.

Xender App

It is one of the fastest data sharing or transferring apps for the android smartphone, which you can easily download from the android play store with free of cost. You can transfer data such as apps, games, images, media files and other files to another smartphones or tot the PC with the help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The main advantages with it are that the data transfer rate is very fast when you compared with the normal data transfer through the Bluetooth without this app.


The main features of this app is that you can transfer or share from the android smartphone with very fast speed. You can share or transfer Apps, Images, Media and other file. You have to transfer data through the Wi-Fi.

When you have transfer data between two smartphones then you have to install this app in your device and turn ON the Wi-Fi of both the handset and search for the group and it will automatically connected with your handset and you will transfer your file or also you can share your data with another smartphone. You can also transfer or connect your PC with the smartphone through this app.

You can also invite your friends from the Facebook, twitter, Google plus, Wechat or with the help of Bluetooth to use this app and enjoy the features of this app.

You can also provide the particular storage location for saving the data which you have received from another device with the help of this app.


So if you want to enjoy fast data transfer then you can install this app in your smartphone. You can easily download this app from the play store and install in your smartphone. This app is available on the play store totally free.



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