Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Guide Dots apps introduced for visually impaired by Android and iOS


Can you cross rod with closing your eye safely? It heard to be amazing that we have eye to see the things than why we close our eye. Of Course, why not, but we are talking the about the visually impaired person who cannot see with his eye. How much difficulties he/she has been faces now days. Most of the organizations organized different eye camp so that they will provide eye to the visually impaired persons and help them to see the world with open eye not with closed eye. So Android and iOS has also launched one of the best apps such as Guide Dots apps which will defiantly help the visually impaired person. This is the first time that any operating system has launches such apps which will help the blind person. Currently this app is compatible with the iOS and android operating system but very soon will be available in the windows and blackberry smartphone and tablets.

Main Features

Nowadays technology in its one of the best scenario and every days you’ll definitely see new technology like if we see in the past 10 year than we know that how technology has changes our life style completely and we are totally dependent on the technology. In the 21st century smartphones are also becoming one of the major technology gadgets on which you can perform any function use it as your gym trainer or you can also check the heart rate etc.

Now they have launched the Guide Dots apps for the visually impaired person. The main features of this app are such as it will help the blind person. This app is integrated with Talk Back features means it will also speak and give your answer back about the desired location. With the help of this app you can also listen the name of the places like restaurant, hospitals, shops etc.

This app is applicable up to certain distance means nearby six foot circles around the person and beyond this coverage it will not respond.

How to install

You can easily download this app from the play store without any cost and installed in your smartphone. After the installation process is completed you can access the main features of this app. Presently, this app is compatible with iOS and android smartphone and tablets. So if you are using the windows or smartphone than you can’t access this app.



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