Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How to hide File Manager and Gallery in your MMX android smartphones


You have bought a new android smartphone and download so many video and other files to your handset. As android handset are basically popular for the features and specification means you can play video in different video players such as MX Player and lots of music players are also present on the play store. You can also protect your video and other apps with your password system, so that in your absence no can access your smartphone. But when your friends ask about the password then you have told him so nothing is secure in this. So one of the best method to keep your video safe from the peoples is by hiding your file manager, gallery and also you can hide the selected images or videos. There are lots of apps are present on the play store through which you can hide your apps.

Go Launcher Ex App

In the Micromax smartphones you cannot directly hide your apps, firstly you have to download launcher or other apps in handset and after that you can hide anything in your android smartphones. Go Launcher Ex App is one of the best hiding apps for the smartphone user through which you can hide your file manager, gallery and other apps which you have recently downloaded from the friends. You can easily download this launcher apps from the play store with free of cost and you have to follow some basic steps before installing this app in your handset.

Firstly log in to the Google play store with your Gmail account.

When you log in to the play store and search this app then first of all you have to scan the QR code to install this app. But instead of it you can also install this app without scanning the code.

Once you have installed this app in your handset, now you can hide your secret data and apps.

How to hide

Recently in the article you have seen we have discuss about how to install this app now we are discussing that how we can hide the apps in android smartphones (this app works with every android handset not with Micromax android smartphones).

Firstly apply the launcher in your handset and click on the icon.

When you open the main menu or home page of this launcher then you will see the lists of complete apps which you have downloaded or which is already presents in the system.

Now click on the hide app option and select the apps which you want to hide and hit the OK button after you have selected the apps.

Now the selected apps will be invisible from the main menu.

And if you want to unhide these apps then simple open the Go Launcher Ex app and unmark the apps which you don’t want to hide and press OK and the apps will be visible on the screen.


So hope next time you will hide your apps with Go Launcher Ex app so that no can see it. It is one o the popular apps used for hiding the file manager and gallery from the main menu.


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