Sunday, 13 April 2014

How to make a simple pen drive to bootable flash drive


When sometimes your CD drive of the laptop or PC stop working and you want to install windows in your system then you faces problem. So if you have to install the windows then you can only install the window by pen drive through the USB slot. But without making the pen drive bootable, you can’t install the windows. So whenever you want to install windows with the help of pen drive then you have to make and pen drive bootable and place the window in the pen drive and you can install windows very easily. Here we are discussing the simple way to create a pen drive bootable.

Bootable Procedure

Before booting your pen drive make sure that your system may create a bootable pen flash drive or not. Most of the new laptop and PC support this feature but some of the old PC and windows does not capable of creating bootable flash drive. You can check it by entering the BIOS setting of the computer by pressing the F2, F12 and ESC key from the keyboard and you will see the USB list and in case you don’t see the USB list, it means your device is not capable creating bootable flash drive.

For the Window 7 Home Basic users, you must have installed windows 7 in your system and you need to store 4 GB of flash driver and other files in the pen drive.

First of all click on the start button and type ‘cmd’ in the search box and press at the same time CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER key on the board and a command prompt window will be open.

Now attach the pen drive in the USB slot and type in the command prompt cd c:\windows\system32. now type the DISKPART and press enter key and then type the LIST DISK in the command prompt and again hit the enter key.

Now you will see the list of the disk drivers connected to your computers and find the disk number of the USB drive which you have connected and usually the USB drive which you have connected is listed in the bottom of the list. Once you have find the USB number then type the SELECT DISK.

Now you have to type few commands one by one and at the end of each command you have to hit the Enter key on the board. Firstly you have to type the CLEAN, CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY, SELECT PARTITION 1, ACTIVE, FORMATS FS=NTFS, ASSIGN and EXIT after that you can minimize the command prompt window.

Now install the windows 7 CD in the system and see from my computer which letter is assigned to the CD. Again go back to the command prompt screen and type D: CD BOOT and press enter, again type the CD BOOT, hit the Enter key and finally you have to type the BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 H: and hit the Enter key.

Final you have to copy the entire contents of CD drive into the USB flash drive and now it will takes few seconds and that’s all. Now you have created a bootable pen drive.



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