Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to operate your android smartphone as Yoga/Gym trainers


Nowadays our daily life becomes very busy and even we don’t have time to take care our health. Mostly when we talk about health than we only think about Yoga and Gym center but our life is so busy that we don’t have to go for these centers. So don’t worry if you have android smartphone than you can use your android smartphone as your Yoga Trainer. It’s heard amazing that our smartphones are multi purposes and even we don’t know about it. You can download and install some of the fitness apps from the android play store and from where you can learn fitness tips; benefits of exercise and also you can view the visual of some exercise and also ask different queries about fitness and exercise. So here we are discussing some of the best Health Fitness apps which you can easily download and install in your android smartphone and from there you can practice lots of exercise and keep yourself physically fit.

Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro

It is one of the best Health Fitness apps for the android smartphone which you can download from the play store but to install this app you have to pay Euro 1.99 or about RS 150. The main features of this app are such as:

It comes with best visual graphs like you can see different graphs like heart rate and altitude throughout the work.
You can also set previous workout as your goal and audio coach will help you to perform next activity in the faster time as compared to the previous one.
You can also set the lower power mode when you are using this app which will save your battery life.

My Fitness Pal

It is also another best free health apps for the android smartphone which you can easily download from the play store and install in your handset. With the help of this app you can maintain your weight, diet and maintain your fitness. You can also know the food database means which food you have to eat before or after the exercise. It also comes with different daily exercise and also have good graphical interface.

Instant Heart Rate App

This app will monitor your heart rate on the graphs and within few seconds it will calculates the actual reading. When you put your finger in from t camera lens for few seconds than it will automatically generate a graph for heart bean and within few seconds it will calculate the actual heart rate. This app is totally free but if you want to install pro version than you have to pay for it.

Run Keeper Free Health App

It is also another best fitness app which is compatible with both android and iOS smartphones. With the help of this app you can improve fitness. You will get the list of different exercise which you can perform daily in your life to maintain your fitness.



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