Friday, 18 April 2014

How to root and install CWM in Nokia X Smartphone


Nokia X is the first Android smartphone from company that is capable of running Android applications on its surface. Rooting and Custom Recoveries are two main things that give Android a big plus over all opponents. We have already shared one tutorial about how to root Nokia X smartphone. After rooting you are able to customize your Android smartphone according to your needs. Custom Recovery further provides the required interface that is required for making those custom changes on smartphone’s surface.

Here in this article I am going to guide you about how to install CWM Recovery in Nokia X smartphone. CWM (ClockWorkMod) holds a reputable mark when it comes to custom recoveries. They are the one who are trusted by thousands of Android users. This Recovery is in its Beta version which somewhere means that it might have some bugs (minor as well as major ones).

You need to have basic computer details before trying this tutorial. It will require you to download some files and performing some commands on MS DOS surface. So if you think you are well aware of all the things then you can try it out.

CWM Recovery on Nokia X

Here is how you can do it:
1. Download FastBoot drivers to your computer. Extract it somewhere on your computer.
2. Download CWM Recovery file to same computer. Place this downloaded Recovery file to extracted FastBoot folder.
3. Take the USB chord and connect your Nokia X to your computer.
4. Go to FlashBoot folder. With the help of Right Click, open Command Prompt there.
5. Enter following commands in Command Prompt Window:
• adb reboot bootloader
• fastboot -i 0×0421 flash recovery NAME.img (replace NAME with exact image name)

6. Hit enter. Now the real process will start and will take some time. If everything is accurate then you must see Success Message on Command Prompt screen. Once you receive this message, un-plug your smartphone and reboot it.

After Reboot, Recovery must be there in your smartphone. You can experience it with the very first Reboot (different UI and experience). You may get some errors in Command Prompt which will be mainly because of fail in the drivers installation section. If you are getting any error then please restart the process from 1st step. If you are getting any other error then please let us know through comment box. So install CWM Recovery on your Nokia X and explore it to utmost level.



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