Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How to run iOS operating system in your Android smartphone/tablet


iOS is the operating system used in the Apple devices and is one of the most popular operating system with lots of application and features. Apart it android is also another open source operating system with lots of application and features but it does not support so many features which iOS can support. But when you buy the iOS based smartphone then it has lots of drawbacks such as moss of the iOS devices does not support Bluetooth and also no FM radio is available and the price of these devices so much which a common can afford such devices.

So if you have android smartphone or tablet and want to use iOS operating system instead of android then your dream is going to be true. XDA developer peoples have created a simple way to interface part of iOS operating system with android devices through which you can enjoy the features of iOS but you can’t use the complete features of this operating system.

This become possible with the help of iROM, they have run the iROM (a small part of iOS operating system) on the android firmware by using the iOS virtual machine emulator. This technique will work with all android devices. So if you want to enjoy iOS operating system in android devices then you have install iROM in your handset.

Main Features

When you installed iROM on your android devices then you will use several features of iPhone on your android smartphone or tablets. The main features which you can use on your android devices are described below:

In android you have seen that when you have new message or email then it popped on the right side but when you install this feature then in the notification bar a little summary of message or email will be display and when you swipe this bar then you’ll get the list of complete notification which you have received.

You can tweet from any web browser by simply tapping on the tweet option and type your message and tap the send button.

When you install iROM then you can easily access your camera app and also change your home screen and wallpaper very easily.

In iOS based iPhone it comes with consistent UI and screen will automatically adjusted which is one of the major limitation of android devices.


So if you want to use your android devices as iOS based operating system then you have install iROM on your android smartphone and tablets through which you can use iPhone features on your android devices.



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