Sunday, 6 April 2014

How to setup Wi-Fi network in College/Office


Wi-Fi stand for the wireless network means you can connect to the internet without wired and also share data with other PC or system without connecting LAN or other medium between them. You can connect Wi-Fi with the help of WLAN or Wi-Fi hotspot. Nowadays most of the campus and offices uses Wi-Fi for accessing internet. But it has several disadvantages and advantages over the LAN (Local Area Network) or broadband. So here we are providing the basic tutorial for set up the Wi-Fi connection in your campus of home.

Step by step procedure

Before set up the Wi-Fi networks in your home or office you have to buy the wireless router and check whether your PC supports wireless adapter or not (if it does not support wireless adapter inside it then you have to buy the external wireless adapter). You can check whether your computer supports wireless adapter or not. Click on the start button and right click on the ‘Computer’ and click on the ‘Properties’ option and press the ‘Device Manager’ icon. Now click on the ‘Network Adapter’ and there you will see the list of networks and if your system supports wireless adapter then there is Wi-Fi signal will be appeared.

Now you have to set up the wireless router (you can buy any router from online store) and read the basic instruction from help book which comes with router or you can know from the expert.

Once you have set up the router connection then you can connect to a wireless network by clicking the Wi-Fi icon. And you will ON the Wi-Fi then list of available networks will be display on the screen.

Now you can click on any networks to connect with the Wi-Fi, if you are using it for the first time, it will ask for the password then you have to enter the password which you have got from the internet provider where you have buy the wireless router. Password is also printed on the router so when you buy the router then also ask the password, and you can also click on the option ‘automatically connect’ if you want to use this network for the daily use.

And last you have to choose network option such as home, work or public networks and that all. Now you can access internet wirelessly through the Wi-Fi.


The main advantages are that it does not require any wired for connection and can be easily setup. The main disadvantages is that wireless networks are not so much secured so when you set up the connection first time then secure your networks from the experts.



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