Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How to use android smartphone as wireless joy stick for PC games


Its seems to be very interesting and unique that you are using your android smartphone as wireless joy stick for the PC/Laptop games means you can control your PC mouse and pointer wirelessly from your android smartphone. You are now thinking that how it will work and how it is possible? So don’t worry, if you have your own smartphone and want to play games on PC through your smartphone, then you have to simply download and install Droid Mote app on the smartphone and PC and after that you can use your android handset as wireless joy stick for controlling the PC games.

How to install Droid Mote App

Droid Mote is one of the best remote apps to access your PC or Laptop wirelessly with the help of android smartphone. With the help of this app you can use android smartphone as wireless joy stick for the PC through which you can play games on the PC and Laptop by controlling the games from your android handset. You can easily download this app from the play store and install it in both android smartphone and PC through which you want to play games. The step by step procedure to set up the Droid Mote App in both smartphone and PC are described below in the article.

The very first step is that you have to install Droid Mote app in the PC in which you have to play the games and after installing this app in your system you have to disable the driver signature enforcement by booting the windows. You can boot your windows by pressing either ESC, F2 or F10 etc. keys repeatedly for few second when you turn ON your PC and select the Advanced Boot Option and once you have select this option then you can run the Droid Mote app in your PC.

Now you have to download the Droid Mote server archive on your PC or Laptop and save it to the folder on your system.

Apart from it, now you have to install Droid Mote client on your android smartphone.

Now open the command prompt in your PC and navigate to the driver folder where you extracted the Droid Mote server client drivers and select the word length (size of the windows operating system) of your PC either 32 bit or 64 bit depending upon your PC and run the command install.bat and confirmation message will be display on the screen after few seconds.

After that navigate to the server folder and run the command DroidMote along with port number and password you would like to use and at the same time run the Droid Mote client on Android based smartphone.

Now open the setting of Droid Mote App on android smartphone and enter the port number and password which you have just entered in the above screen prompt. Connect your smartphone to the PC providing the IP address and that’s all.



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