Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Increase your iPhone camera resolution without changing your camera hardware


Have you bought new iPhone on New Year and its camera quality is very poor or when you captured the image and zooms the picture then its quality becoming poor and want to buy new smartphone with HD high resolution. So here we are with Ultrakam app for you, through which you can capture image in high resolution up to 2K instead your handset support maximum resolution up to 1080 pixels. This app is recently available for the iPhone and not for the windows and android operating system. You can install this app from the play store and enjoy capturing images and video in high definition without buying new iPhone.

Ultrakam App

Ultrakam app is only available for the iPhone smartphones users across the world. With the help of this app you can capture image and record video in high resolution up to 2K resolution instead of replacing your iPhone camera and you haven’t pay any extra charges for this app. So it is a good news for the iPhone users those who love photo shooting, can now takes images and record videos in the HD quality.

Now most of the peoples are thinking that how we can expand the resolution of any iPhone? if it support maximum resolution up to 1080 pixels. So let me explain, a report said that a smartphone with 1080 resolution can record images or videos at 2K resolution this is possible because the camera software support up to this resolution but the hardware used in the camera can record the images and videos at3264x2488 resolution, which means you can expand the resolution by changing the software of the camera. So in the Ultrakam same work is done by changing the software technology and uses the same technology which supports 2K resolution.


It supports maximum resolution up to 2K pixels resolution and is compatible with all iPhone. It uses M-JPEG codec technology inside it, which can capture frame @20, 24 and 30 frame per second. It can capture the image in color ratio of 4:2:0 which is the full range and even record images in the M-JPEG at 100^ quality.

How to install

You can easily download this app from the play store.
Once you have downloaded this app then install it in your handset.
Now open or tap the icon to capture the image and video.
You can also set up the different resolution before capturing the images and videos.


So it is one of the best apps for the iPhone users across the world and enjoys capturing mages and videos in high quality. So if you are using iPhone then you can also install this app and enjoy the features of this app.



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