Tuesday, 15 April 2014

IPL flavoured UC Browser for Android and Windows


It’s time for IPL in India and we are already experiencing a cricket heat in India. I don’t think I need to brief anything about this international cricket league. IPL is one of the biggest cricket leagues of its kind and is popular on global level. Now everything is coming to online world means there is a strong relation between entertainment and technology industry. Both seem to be the two faces of one single coin (at least in last few years). Most of the tech firms are trying to get their stuff ready for IPL 7 this time. We have already shared one useful resource about how to watch IPL7 online. You can use this guide on any of your Android smartphone, PC, Laptop etc with both 2G and 3G networks. All you need to have is strong internet connection.

Moving on the similar track, now UC Browser has decided to launch something special for IPL7. They have updated their Browser for both Android and Windows platform. They have redeveloped it by considering the popularity of IPL at centre stage. They have redesigned everything according to this popular cricket league.

It is a minor update that just brings some add-ons to current surface. All new add-ons are related to cricket and will keep you updated with every nook and peak of IPL 7 league. IPL 7 is going to start from today and will be live for good time. The new UCWeb update brings a new interface that is topped with all the required contents that will help you with getting live scores, commentaries, stats, interviews etc. It will also contain other media formats like photos and videos.

It will also help you playing various online contest (mainly guessing games) which can win you exciting prices like cricket goodies, match tickets and smart electronic gadgets (Apple iPhone 5s even).

Download IPL Flavoured UCWeb Browser for Windows and Android Smartphones

You can directly find the new browser in respective stores. Visit the store and search for it. Please have a look at UPDATE segment (on stores) before downloading/updating the new version. If you are downloading it for the very first time then you will automatically receive all the features inside it.

This new UCB App will keep you updated with every buzz of IPL 7 league. It is highly recommended for all diehard fans of cricket/IPL. Please share your experience with this wonderful app here too.



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